Entering Work Information

Q. I accidentally registered the same design twice. Is there a way to cancel one entry?
Submit the details you wish to delete via our Contact Form. The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD office will delete the details on your behalf.
Q. Can I submit more than one design?
Sure. There are no limits on how many designs you can submit. If you enter more than one design, be sure to register and print/send in an Application Form for each individual entry.
Q. When submitting multiple Works, do I have to submit the same number of registrations?
Only oneregistration needs to be com. After completing yourregistration, you can submit your Work. This is where you can register a multiple number of Workssubmission.
Q. I entered a design, but still haven’t received a Resistration Number notification by email.
Go to the registration website, enter your email address (used to register for this contest) at the “Forgot Password” section at the bottom of the page, and then click the submit button.
If you do not hear back from us, please check your spam folder. You also may have black listed our email server or you submitted an incorrect email address.
White list/approve emails coming from the “@award.kokuyo.co.jp” domain, and try again.
If this still does not resolve the situation, please contact us via our Contact Form.
Q. I don’t live in Japan/I’m not a Japanese citizen. Can I enter from overseas?
Of course. This is an international design contest, after all. We take designs from anyone anywhere in the world. We look forward to receiving yours!
Q. I entered the contest as part of a group. Can I submit another design as an individual?
Yes! You’ll just need to enter your own unique design as a separate entry.
Q. What kind of students are eligible for the New Generation Award?
Those enrolled in a school or educational institution are eligible. (This includes students at elementary, middle, and high schools; technical colleges; technical schools; universities; graduate schools; and preparatory schools.)
Q. I attend graduate school while working. Should I choose “Company employee” or “Student” for my occupation?
Please choose from within the “Company employee” section.


Q. Do you accept submissions by post?
No, we do not. Submissions can only be made through our website.
Q. For online submissions, you mention that you accept JPEG or PDF formats. Do you accept any other file formats?
Sorry. Entries will only be accepted in JPEG or PDF format.
Q. My file is larger than 5MB. What should I do?
We do not accept attachments larger than 5MB. Save your file at a lower resolution that results in a file of 5MB or less. We do not provide support related to file format conversion, etc.
Q. Can I enter using just a photograph of my Work?
Works that do not include all of the mandatory information on the Presentation Sheet will not be judged. Thank you for your understanding.
Q. This is not qualify a category for a submission.
Please select “Other” as the category.
Q. I accidentally sent the wrong file in my online submission. Can I change the file?
Yes, you may change the file. Login to the registration website and select Edit Registration Details → Edit Work for the file you wish to change. Replace with the correct file, and click the submit button.


Q. We have a design that we submitted to a different contest. It didn’t win. Can we modify that design and enter it into the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD contest?
Entries are limited to unpublished works. Entries cannot have been published in Japan or overseas. However, if the entry was rejected from another competition and is not generally available to the public, it will be judged as “unpublished” and accepted as an entry.
Q. Can I submit works that have been published on my personal website or on social media?
Entries are limited to unpublished works. Entries cannot have been published in Japan or overseas. Entries that have been published on the web or social media will not be accepted. Also, you will not be eligible for selection if you break the rules when you apply.
Q. When and how will the results be announced?
Notices for Works passing the Second Round of Judgin stage will be sent out between mid December 2023. Notices will only be sent to those whose Works passed. Winning Works will be announced at the awards ceremony (scheduled for March 16, 2024) and on our website.
Q. I did not receive a notice about whether my Work passed the initial judging process.
Only those entrants whose Works passed initial judging will be contacted.
Q. When will the prizes be awarded?
We expect to pay prize money in May 2024, after the results have been announced.
Q. Will all prize-winning designs be turned into commercial productized?
While all prize-winning designs will be considered for commercialization, we cannot guarantee that any or all winning designs will be turned into commercial productized.
Q. I didn’t make it to the final round of judging. Can I post my design on social media?
Yes, as long as it is after the finalists have been announced on our website.
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