December. 22, 2023

KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2024 Finalists Announced !

The KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 2024 accepted designs based on the theme of “primitive” between July 28 and October 11, 2023. During that time, we received 1,480 entries (876 from within Japan and 604 from overseas).
In the initial round, each judge member had reviewed all the entries in advance and selected a total of 108 nominated works. In the second round of judging, there was a vigorous discussion on the selected entries from the first round, in line with the judging criteria set out in the application guidelines.

This resulted in the decision of the 10 finalists that will continue on to the Final Judging. The Final Judging will be held on March 16, 2024, along with the Award Ceremony, where the Grand Prix and Merit Award winners will be decided.
The Final Judging and Award Ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube. We’ll release the link for the streaming at a later date.

In addition, messages from the judges on the trends among the entries and their expectations for the entries to be brushed up for the final round will be disclosed next week.

〈 Finalist 〉

Application Number Title Designer Name
KDA2024-0244KNC-230346 Kezuriempitsu Tasuku Denno
KDA2024-0256ZAA-490384 Do It Your stationery Yasuyuki Yamada
KDA2024-0624UEK-210383 Memento Soichiro Tanaka
KDA2024-0981YGL-490979 FLUTE Natsumi Sakamoto
KDA2024-1157NJJ-231039 Color-Changing Pencil Ibuki Ohara
KDA2024-1185IMH-161843 Ruler of annual rings A STUDIO (Lyu Muzhi, Jiang Fang, Chen Yang)
KDA2024-1297TCB-041326 Drippy FUKATAKA (Takaaki Sato, Mao Fukasawa)
KDA2024-1312TLB-091794 Fig Emulsion W-OH (Yingqi Liu, Yuxuan Chen)
KDA2024-1314BMM-011264 Your Cave Wall Takuya Matsumoto
KDA2024-1484EHH-411576 At the moment RANTA (Shoma Furui, Ken Kobayashi)
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